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What is an access floor?

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Kwangnam GSK Access floor

An access floor system is installed at 10 to 30cm from ground surface. Power and communication cables can be installed in the flooring itself without piping or cable trays and it allows for concentrated air-conditioning of important equipment, which is ideal for machine rooms, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, and offices.


Kwangnam GSK Access floor

The world's first ultra-lightweight single-body aluminum access floor features panels and pedestals that are integrated.
Kwangnam GSK is a primary partner of Otis Elevator Company, the world's largest vertical transportation systems manufacturer. It has a thirty year history in die-casting and uses the 2800T, a fully-automated die-casting equipment made by Muller Weingarten, the premium German die-casting machine manufacturer. Kwangnam GSK is the sole supplier of escalator steps and moving walk pallets to Otis Elevator Company. It provides competitive pricing and can handle orders of all sizes, thanks to its quality control and mass production system based on years of technological development and experience.
Kwangnam GSK's top-quality access floors, made with precision casting and processing technologies, are highly regarded around the world.