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Research Center Overview

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Three decades have passed since our beginning as Myungsung Die in 1980.

During that time, Kwangnam GSK has been dedicated to the manufacture of a wide range of industrial components as a primary supplier to a number of large Korean and international companies. Now we are ready to go a step further and establish a stronger global presence.

Kwangnam GSK's growth thus far has been that of an outsourced OEM, but we now have our sight set on supplying the international market with the Kwangnam GSK brand.

A company research center has been established to achieve this goal, and it will serve as the engine that will drive Kwangnam GSK into the next generation


Areas of R&D

  • Product design and molds development
  • Escalator step and moving walk pallet development
  • Industrial machine components development
  • Research on the maximization of load-handling to counter the increasing weight of semiconductor equipment
  • Environmental control research (ultra-cleanrooms)
  • Antistatic research
  • Casting and processing research
  • Research on the improvement of dampers to support open ratios
  • Vibration-free control research based on understructure systems R&D