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Customer Satisfaction

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  1. 1. Kwangnam GSK is the best. There is only one Kwangnam GSK.
  2. 2. As the best engineers, we produce only the best products.
  3. 3. Customer satisfaction is our Number One priority. We will provide the best quality in the industry.
  4. 4. We will maintain our physical and mental health to fulfill our duties.
  5. 5. We will strive for perfection in all activities. We will work efficiently.
  6. 6. We exist for the customers and their satisfaction.
  7. 7. "Quality" means fulfilling our promises made to our customers.
  8. 8. There will be no compromises when it comes to quality.
  9. 9. It is our duty to provide our employees with a pleasant, safe, and clean work environment.
  10. 10. Safety must be given the highest regard in the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of products and the provision of services.
  11. 11. We must dispose of waste in a manner specified by the law to minimize environmental pollution.
  12. 12. What is most important to us, in the order of importance, are customers, employees, local communities, and stockholders.
  13. 13. A happy employee is conducive to a satisfied customer, who in turn makes the employee happier.
  14. 14. We will do our best for employee happiness.
  15. 15. To a customer, an employee is the face of a company. The employees of Kwangnam GSK are its face.
  16. 16. For a company to acquire a customer's trust, every one of its employees must have sound work knowledge and maintain courtesy in customer relations.
  17. 17. In addition to quality, sincerity and passion towards customers are also important.
  18. 18. The customers are our partners, our hope, and our future.