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Kwangnam GSK CEO

Since its beginning in the mold business, the business of Kwangnam GSK has expanded to include aluminum die-casting, high-pressure die-casting, escalator steps, moving walk pallets,  semiconductors, displays, and clean room access floors. We are contributing to the economic development of Korea as a supplier of construction materials, automotive parts, electronics, escalators, moving walk parts, mechanical parts, and military supplies.

The strength of Kwangnam GSK lies in its integrated system which encompasses all processes, from design to mass production. The resulting cost reduction and quality consistency, along with our exclusive (one of the few in Korea) 2800T full-size die-casting equipment, make Kwangnam GSK one of Korea's very best in the fields of die-casting and aluminum access floors.

We are the developer of the world's lightest aluminum access floor and the world's first integrated aluminum access floor. With these two Korean product brands, Kwangnam GSK started supplying the world market with great pride.

Backed by thirty years of expertise, we are now the exclusive supplier of escalator steps and moving walk pallets to Otis, the world's largest elevator and escalator manufacturer, and a subsidiary of the transnational corporation United Technology Company. As this tremendous achievement attests, the top quality and ultra-lightweight aluminum access floors of Kwangnam GSK are guaranteed to meet your needs.

CEO Seok-gi Hwangbo