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National Interest

All corporate activities of Kwangnam GSK shall be geared toward the economic development of the country in which said corporate activities take place. No activity at the expense of that country's national interest shall be performed.

Financial Reports and Records

Procedures of accounting and audit of Kwangnam GSK shall adhere to the accounting practices and laws of the country in which Kwangnam GSK engages in corporate activities. All business transaction records shall be accurate and transparent.


Kwangnam GSK shall support the establishment and development of a free market economy and avoid unfair trade.

Equal-opportunity Employer

Kwangnam GSK shall provide equal opportunity to all employees and job seekers regardless of race, religion, and gender.

Gifts and Donations

Kwangnam GSK and its employees shall not give or receive compensation for privileges that are not conducive to fair competition throughout the course of all corporate activities.

Governmental Agencies

Kwangnam GSK and its employees shall not bribe governmental agencies for special privileges in return.

Political Affiliations

Kwangnam GSK shall support the democracy and the constitution of the country in which it engages in corporate activities. It shall not directly or indirectly provide support to any political parties.

Health, Safety, and Environment

Kwangnam GSK shall endeavor to provide its employees with a safe and pleasant work environment by following all applicable regulatory requirements.

Product and Service Quality

Kwangnam GSK shall provide top-quality products and services for maximum customer satisfaction.

Responsible Member of Society

Kwangnam GSK shall play the role of a responsible member of society by abiding by the law and supporting its regional community.

Cooperation of Kwangnam GSK Subsidiaries

Kwangnam GSK subsidiaries shall cooperate by sharing physical, human, and corporate resources.

Representation of Kwangnam GSK and Subsidiaries

Kwangnam GSK and subsidiaries shall respect the public and interested parties' right to know.

Third-party Representation

Kwangnam GSK shall not hire as its representative a consultant, agent, or vendor that engages in activities that deviate from its code of conduct.

Use of the Kwangnam GSK Brand

Exercise of Kwangnam GSK's trademark rights shall be managed in accordance with the guidelines, code of conduct, and agreements issued by the company.

Group Policies

Kwangnam GSK shall ensure that the policies and guidelines it issues are implemented by its board of directors.


Kwangnam GSK shall endeavor to increase the gains of its stockholders.


All Kwangnam GSK employees shall act with professionalism, integrity, and sound ethics.


All Kwangnam GSK employees shall follow the laws and regulations of the country in which they are engaging in tasks.

Multiple Employments

Kwangnam GSK employees shall not engage in additional employment without the company's approval.
* Employees are expressly prohibited from engaging in tasks for any party other than Kwangnam GSK during working hours.

Conflict of Interest

Kwangnam GSK employees shall not engage in activities that may undermine the interests of Kwangnam GSK.

Securities Trade and Confidentiality Agreement

Kwangnam GSK employees shall not access the company's proprietary information for gain for themselves or a third party.

Protection of Company Assets

Kwangnam GSK's assets shall not be misused; they shall only be used for the undertaking of officially-approved projects.

Civic Rights

Kwangnam GSK employees may freely exercise their civic rights, including engagement in political activities, provided that such exercise does not undermine the interests of Kwangnam GSK.

Transparency of Reports

All reports submitted to Kwangnam GSK by its employees shall be transparent.

Duty to Report

Kwangnam GSK employees shall report to the management all instances of actual or potential violation of the company's code of conduct.