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  • BIZ FLOOR Steel Grating 610 x 610[ Steel Grating 610 x 610 ]
  • BIZ FLOOR 610 x 610 damper installation (35% opening)[ 610 x 610 damper installation (35% opening) ]
  • BIZ FLOOR Steel Grating 600 x 600[ Steel Grating 600 x 600 ]
  •  BIZ FLOOR [ Steel Perforated 600 x 600 ][ Steel Perforated 600 x 600 ]
  •  BIZ FLOOR [ Steel Grating 600 x 600 ][ Steel Grating 600 x 600 ]


- Features of Steel BIZ FLOOR

  • Concrete filling for withstanding partial, mobile, and impact loads
  • Concrete filling for heat transfer restriction, and incombustible material for heat protection, fireproofing, and durability in environmental changes (no change in shape and distortion)
  • Concrete filling inside panels for optimum pedestrian comfort (no resonance)
  • Semi-permanent product: Finishing can be replaced
  • 100% recyclable, and does not create any dust

- Features of Wooden BIZ FLOOR

  • High-density particle boards are used for outstanding pedestrian comfort and soundproofing
  • Economic choice: Simple installation, and processing at installation sites is easy
  • Change in shape and distortion may be observed in some environments. It is also susceptible to humidity.

- Features of OA BIZ FLOOR

  • The most economic choice for creating a quality office interior.
  • Minimizes load on building structure.
  • Pleasant office environment with no vibration or noise
  • Structural design allows for excellent stability and handling of maximum loads.
  • Electrodeposition coating of panel surfaces and the inside create an aesthetic exterior and outstanding durability.

- Features of P&G BIZ FLOOR

  • An advanced panel for adjusting airflow
  • Install in locations where airflow control is required.

Strict quality control

Kwangnam GSK BIZ FLOOR Strict quality control

Kwangnam GSK has a thirty year history in the die-casting industry and is a primary supplier to Otis Elevator Company, a subsidiary of United Technology Company and the world's largest vertical transportation systems manufacturer. Among its competitors, Kwangnam GSK is the only company with the UTC (OTIS) Q-Audit Level 2 certification. The strict quality control processes that Kwangnam GSK applies to its escalator steps and moving walk pallets are also applied to its access floors.