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  • A low-and-deep design (height: 10cm) maximizes office space by making the floor as low as possible.
  • Pedestrian comfort is maximized by the use of top-quality aluminum alloy and the product's integration with the floor itself, which eliminates noise and resonance.
  • Features reduced noise and increased stability and comfort compared to access floors made from wood, steel, and plastic.
  • The structure is capable of withstanding the greatest of loads. Load/impact resistance, durability, and pedestrian comfort are maximized. Product does not rust like steel access floors.
  • Lighter than access floors made from wood, steel, or plastic, while providing superior rigidity.
  • As aluminum alloy is incombustible, no toxic fumes are created in the event of a fire. Offers superior safety as the melting point of aluminum is 660°C, which is significantly higher than the heat distortion temperature of 450°C caused by fires.

Antistatic Property

- Material

Aluminum is far superior to wood, plastic, and steel in conductivity. In a dry office environment where static electricity is readily generated by the prevalence of electrical appliances, aluminum's antistatic property prevents the malfunction of electrical appliances and physical discomfort experienced by people, effectively improving the office space quality and reducing dust. Moreover, conductive tiles are installed to attract static electricity generated indoors and discharge it to the outside through external earthing.

- Structure

An integrated aluminum body allows for high conductivity that removes static electricity more efficiently than assembled access floors with a lower-pedestal structure. Standardized sizings mean compatibility with other products. Select from a wide range of coatings and finishing materials.

  • An unprecedented structure that secures space between panels for convenient and efficient wiring maintenance without the installation of a wiring duct. This means easy transportation and installation of wiring equipment.
  • Systematic wiring for optimum wiring maintenance
  • Maximized office function and comfort
  • No pollutants are generated by fire. A melting point of 660°C means outstanding fire resistance.
  • Ideal for a safe office environment
  • Non-breakable and incombustible all-aluminum product. Generates no dust whatsoever.
  • An integrated (single-body) structure is ideal for a pleasant office environment with no noise or vibration.


- Handling and installation are easy.

: Can be placed on floor slabs by anyone.

- Can be installed by anyone. No technician is required.

  • No complex installation. No need to set aside time for installation.
  • Total work time is reduced as no time needs to be set aside for installation.
  • No installation cost.
  • Renters can install access floors as their own property.
  • Landlords can increase rent rates after access floors are installed without damage to properties.
  • No pollutants are generated whatsoever during installation (100% recyclable).
  • Height-adjustable. Can be installed on an uneven ground surface to form an even floor surface.
  • Simple to remove. Easy maintenance (very simple wiring work).

- Wiring locations are readily identifiable.

- Ample space between panels for wiring.

- Ideal product for new buildings, expansions, and modifications.

  • Removal and re-installation can be done by anyone for office renewals. No renewal work is required.
  • Simple installation and removal allow for ease of relocations, maximum utilization of office space, and remodeling. Access floors are 100% recyclable, which means no costs in removal and installation.
  • A system with integrated modules: Ease of wiring replacement and layout change
  • Conductive tiles do not need to be removed for maintenance.
  • One-year guarantee